Friday, 16 November 2007

Really good Bellini

This drink is best paired with a dark tan, a khaki italian suit, a shirt with too many buttons undone, suede loafers and sunshine.
Most importantly, it should not be had alone.

You will need:
Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine).
If you're a broke college student, get sparkling Cava brut rose.
Lots of white peaches.
Again, If you're a broke college student, you can use regular or canned peaches (without syrup) but it won't taste as good.
You can also use other fruits with similar sweetness and consistency. Mangoes work particularly well.

Puree fruit in blender.
Take liquid out and put through a fine strainer.
Chill until needed.
Moisten the edge of a champagne flute and dip into sugar.
Fill with about three tea spoons of puree.
Slowly mix in sparkling wine until glass is full.
Be careful and you can get a really nice color gradient. If you don't achieve this effect, your drink is not classy enough.