Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Tom Ford in London - "I'm insane about lighting" and Damien Hirst

This video is pretty cool because you get a tour of a part of Tom Ford's London house. I think at times that he is pretty tacky, and you can see that in the video. However, I like how articulate he is, and I do share some of his taste in art. I really like the painting he had commissioned for his entrance and am also a big fan of Damien Hirst and the White Cube.   Unfortunately, the only pieces of art I currently have in my room are Velvet Underground and Jimi Hendrix posters. 

Self Portrait as Surgeon, Oil on Canvas, 2006
(Coincidentally, was at the White Cube)

This is my favorite Hirst piece. I have never seen an oil on canvas work quite so photographic. The portrayal of the intricacies in the tubing and hospital equipment is absolutely phenomenal. I love how Hirst plays with morbid realism. In my opinion this painting is exactly as morbid as it is real. Would you want to be operated on by that guy? Probably not, because he looks like he'd eventually want to preserve you in formaldehyde.