Wednesday, 8 April 2009

It's Spring!


In high quality finally. Thanks to a friend equipped with a digital camera.

From Khyyam's Rubaiyat:

bar chehreh-ye gol shabnam -e nawruz khoshast
dar taraf-e chaman ru-ye delafruz khoshast
az dey ke gozasht har che guni khosh nist
khosh bash o zeday magu ke emruz khoshast

On the flower's face, the spring dew looks happy
On the side of the meadow, the loving heart looks happy
During the winter time how unhappy they were
Be happy! O don't look back to the winter, today looks happy

Rough translation because my Farsi isn't great. Nawruz is the Iranian new year, but happens during the spring time (vernal equinox I believe). Dey is the 10th month, which I translated as the winter to emphasize the contrast. I also added the punctuation because it doesn't exist in Farsi. Anyway, I love this poem and how it captures the mood of spring.