Monday, 17 December 2007

Hot stocks

The only way I can bankroll an extravagant lifestyle is through good investments.

The world markets tumbled today. I was really happy. Not because I was short, but because I believe I have been presented with a great buying opportunity.

The Indian markets have been up 5 weeks straight. Today, they traded down 3.5%. INP, barclay's India fund was down 12.5%. Notice a disparity? I deepened my India position.

The Russian market has been down for the last several days. Yet, Russia has the second-highest PEG ratio in the emerging world. RSX, the Russia fund, is a good investment and will provide exposure to the benefits of revenue accruing from rising oil prices. I bought RSX.

The Singapore market was down almost 3% today. It has the highest PEG ratio in the world, and is probably the most under-valued of the Asian markets. Additionally, Singapore may help diversify away some risk associated with big (potentially overhyped and overheated) countries like China and India, where I already have investments. I bought ESW.