Monday, 7 January 2008

La Moustache

I recently watched Shoja Azari's K, a film comprised of three stories based on Franz Kafka's work. It was very weird, over-the-top, abstract, and film noir-esque (only in style). I wasn't a huge fan. I followed it up by watching another Kafka-inspired ridiculous feature, La Moustache.

It is about a man who shaves his moustache after many years. However, when no one notices, he starts losing his grip on reality. His wife then tells him that he never actually had a moustache in the first place. At this point, it appears as though he has a very feeble grip on sanity. After a string of events, he runs off to a village in China and regrows his moustache. After spending many months there and getting acquainted with the locals, his wife appears in his room. She talks to him as if, for all this time, they had been on vacation together. Even stranger, her comments about his moustache allude to him never having shaven it at all. After her quip about shaving for a change, he gets rid of his moustache. She finally notices.

Apparently, the movie isn't supposed to be taken literally. Rather, it appears to be a schizophrenic metaphor for a mid-life crisis. Weird. Very french.

I really liked it, watch it. It took home an award at Cannes.