Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Beautiful. great glasses, scarf, sweater. She is a great example casual elegance - very chic. The appreciation of beauty is one of the most popular themes in Persian poetry. Though this one is not about that, it is one of the most stylistically interesting poems I have ever encountered. The question and answer technique creates the impression of two friends talking about one of their encounters with a lover the night before. That this photo was taken in Paris, put in me in a romantic mood as well.

Amad bar-i man. Ki? Yar. Kay? Vaqt-i sahar
Tarsanda. Zi ki? Zi khasm. Khasm-ash ki? Padar.
Dadam-ash. Chi? Busa. Bar kuja? Bar lab-i tar.
Lab bud? Na! Chi bud? 'Aqiq. Chun bud? Chu shakar.

She came. Who? My beloved. When? At dawn.
She was frightened. By whom? By her enemy. Who was her enemy? Her father.
I gave her...What? A kiss. Where? Her sweet lips.
Were they lips? No! What were they? Carnelian. Like what? Like sugar.

By Rudaki, regarded as the first great Persian poet. There are two reasons why I have started reading Persian poetry: first, getting the chance to work with my fabulous tutor Firuza, and second, poems like these.