Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Aao Huzoor

The first song is the original song by Asha Bhonsale and O.P. Nayyar. The second is a remix by spiritual lounge artist Karunesh titled "Punjab". I really like the soothing nature of the remix, and it always puts me in a calm, sensual mood.

Wikipedia, and the Global Spirit album insert: "Karunesh was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. His brush with death prompted him to rethink his life and embark on a spiritual journey of sorts, and in 1979 he traveled to India. His accident also prompted him to choose music as a career instead of graphic design."

Lyrics (So beautiful):

Aao huzoor tumko, sitaron me le chaluun ...
Dil jhoom jaye aisi, bahaaron me le chaluun
Aao huzoor aao ...


Come sir, let me take you into the stars
My heart spins, let me take you into the gardens of spring
Come sir, come

(Yeah, it probably sounds better if you know the language)